El-Rufai meets the boy who builds models of aircrafts

Nigerians, who were impressed with Lawal’s talent, called on El-Rufai to help the boy by sending him to professional courses. “Btw, I hope this does not end on the pages of newspaper. El-Rufai should be able to help this boy by harnessing his talent/education. I see this boy becoming somebody great in the future,” Lilimax noted. “Hope they put him and his ideas into good use! Not just Snapping photos,” Bedspread added. According to Classiclight, “Nigeria is blessed with brilliant and creative minds, just that encouragement is needed.” “Nice try, let’s step it up and make the ones that can actually fly, then I can say we are in business,” Charsobodo noted. “El-Rufai I know u are very stingy but try send that young man for professional courses,” Hezy Real advised. Meanwhile, another mechanical genius is living in Enugu state. A few months ago, the young boy constructed an aeroplane with the help of locally sourced materials. Although the mini airplane had no engine, it looked like a real jet and even could contain two or three passengers.

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