Can Anyone Identify This Young Lady? She Has No Idea Where She Came From (Photo)

In a photo making rounds on social media, a man has announced that a young lady has been infront of his house and seem not to know where she came from.

Some hours ago, a Facebook user identified as Ahmed Soye posted the above photo of a young girl he found in front of his house yesterday morning, April 28th and revealed that she seem not know where she is from.
Below is how he narrated the story:
“This girl was found in front of my House early this morning. She said her name is Ummul Khairi and that she is married. She was asked where she came from she said she did not know. She did not know her husband name nor her parents name. I called Civil Defence Corp who took her to their office here in Gombe. Any body who knows this girl should please contact the Gombe State office of Civil Defence.”
To check if there was a new development, we found out that the girl has been reunited by husband. The Facebook announce a while ago and wrote;
“Masha Allah!!!!!!!! Her husband came and went with her today. Thank you all for your concern. May Allah reward you abundantly.”

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