Wow! Watch Man Dressed As Aladdin Riding ‘Magic Carpet’ on a Busy Road in Isreal

A man left many people shocked and surprised after he was spotted gliding along the streets of Israel on a homemade ‘magic carpet’ and dressed as Alladin in celebration of the Jewish holiday of Purim.
The astonishing video was shared by Motorcyclist Aviad Rosenfeld on Facebook.
“You won’t believe me, but I just saw Aladdin pass by on his carpet on Allenby Street,” he wrote in Hebrew.
From the video, the man can be seen dressed in full Aladdin garb, including a purple vest, red fez and slightly tattered white pants riding on a busy road. A small device can also be seen in his hand, which appears to be used to control the skateboard-like magic carpet.
People have been amazed by the ingenuity of the man and his creativity.

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