The road to bloody Rivers

YESTERDAY’S re-run elections for some state and National Assembly seats in Rivers State lived up to pre-election fears. There were incidences of violence, electoral malpractices, moves and counter moves by the leading parties to outwit one another.
The polls were huge and strategic in many respects. It is the first time in many years that National and state Assembly polls would be held on the same day.
The re-run elections took place in three senatorial districts, 12 federal constituencies, and 22 of the 32 state assembly constituencies. Known for wholesale support for any party they choose, the Rivers electorate started sharing their votes in 2015, hence the feverish battle for their votes, yesterday.
The oil-rice state had been a Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, enclave since 1999. This is apart from the fact that the state had always aligned with the party at the centre right from inception until 2015 when it became an opposition party state following the loss of the PDP at the centre to the All Progressives Congress, APC.

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