She will fuck you better if you let her do these

Most men in our society are raised with ideas on what to expect during sex.

While some of these ideas are really good and help you enjoy sex, others are killing your sex life and ruining all the good stuff you should be enjoying.

Do not stop your woman from doing these things and your sex life will be so much better.

Use toys:

A lot of men worry that allowing their partners to use sex toys is a bad idea but this is far from the truth. No sex toy will replace you as a man. Instead, they will heighten her pleasure and let her know you are very invested in making sure she has a good time. When she is getting the best from you, she will give you the best too.


This is another situation when you should not feel threatened. Men and women are sexual beings and if given the chance, like to have a better understanding of our bodies so we know what works and what does not. Let her know what makes her feel good so she can tell you and you will be better versed on what turns her on.

Make the rules:

You are not any less of a man if you let your woman take control every once in a while. The bedroom is not the place to doubt a woman’s abilities. It is a time to encourage her to let go. You will be surprise at what kind of sex she can offer you when she feels in control and is determined to pleasure you.

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