See list of states where petrol is most expensive

As Nigeria continues to struggle with the scarcity of fuel, the National Bureau of Statistics released data about the average cost of petrol in Nigerian states for February 2016. Yobe state has become the most expensive state to live in, with petrol pegged at N122.8. According to the PMS (Premium Motor Spirit) watch Yobe state sold the highest amount at the petrol pump, with Edo and Lagos selling the lowest at N86.50 and 87.03 correspondingly.
Interestingly, the petrol price in President Muhammadu Buhari’s state is also one of the lowest – N87.95. This variation of prices began after scarcity of petrol began in November and has extended to December. The lasting situation has increased transport fares, food items, cost of services among others in every state of the country. The Federal government has recently fixed the price with petrol at N86.50 per litre at filling stations belonging to main and independent oil marketers, while it would sell for N86 at all retail stations belonging to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) from January 1. READ ALSO: Petrol to sell for N85 per litre from January 1 Nigeria is the largest producer of petroleum in Africa and the sixth largest OPEC producer with proved reserves of more than 23 billion barrels.

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