See How An Alleged Gáy Was Beaten Seriously To Death In Ondo

Hom0sexual beaten to death in Ondo – A man identified as Akinnifesi Olumide Olubunmi was beaten to death in Ondo state for allegedly participating in homosexual acts.

The incident occurred on the 17th of February, with Akinnifesi dying in the hospital one day later from complications arising from the beating.

A post on his Facebook page read:-

“When I heard this news of you attacked in Ondo on Facebook I was so disturbed. I said it to myself, that can this be possible that you are involved in gay practices, or it was a set up until I investigated the whole story.

You disappointed many people including your family and friends. Though I don’t support attack or jungle justice on gay people instead they should be handover to the police for proper prosecution by the law. What police should do is to get the run-away politician involved arrested so homosexuality will not be spread in the community and it will serve as a lesson to others.”

The Dead Body

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