Patoranking “I want to touch lives” singer reflects on life

The dancehall star shared a sober message on his Instagram page talking about the things he wants to be remembered for.

Pato who enjoyed a good start to the new year says he’d rather be remembered for bringing hope with his music than for material things.

According to The Voice judge, “I was working in my Office and these Thoughts came to me, We all wanna make money, Buy cars, pop bottles,  live the best life,wine and dine in the best places, Have the highest number of followers on Instagram, some girls wanna have the biggest ass, while some wanna take the best selfies, some girls wanna have the best body, some people battling for likes on IG, a quick reminder we all gonna Die someday…what do you wanna be remembered for? The girl with the biggest ass, the girl with the best car, the biggest Popper in every club, Mr I have all the best girls in the world, you wanna be known for having Pride, Miss my face is on fleek, you wanna be known Material things? KINDLY ASK YOURSELF WHAT YOU WANNA BE REMEMBERED FOR “GOD I WANNA TOUCH LIVES & GIVE HOPE TO THE HOPELESS WITH MY MUSIC #GOE2016#Whayasay!!!


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