Miss Bum Bum 2015 Suzy Cortez goes completely nude to show support for Kim Kardashian [HOT PHOTO]

Suzy Cortez, winner of Miss Bum Bum 2015, has shown her support for reality star, Kim Kardashian by stripping off completely and sharing a selfie.

Kardashian posted a nude photo of herself last week which has caused quite a bit of controversy on the internet. While some hailed her for her courage to bare it all, others were disappointed. Kim K herself went on Snapchat to bash haters in a video, announcing that it’s about time people stopped slut-shaming women.

Cortez jumped on the bandwagon and decided to celebrate her own femininity by posting the exact replica of Kim’s picture, complete with the black rectangle to cover ‘delicate’ areas. She struck the exact same pose also added, “This is my homage to Kim Kardashian, now you can all criticise me if you want.

suzy cortezKim Kardashian nude

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