Man kills prostitute for not meeting up his sexual needs

A Zimbabwean man, Given Ngqabutho Nyoni, was recently arrested for allegedly killing a prostitute, Agnes Mulazi.
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Report says Nyoni paid the sex worker $2 but was not satisfied with her service after having sex with her, so he demanded for a refund. Agnes refused to refund the money and this led to an argument between them. Nyoni grabbed a beer bottle and stabbed Agnes on the forehead when she made to run away. She died the next day at Mutare Provincial hospital.
According to a police report: “They reportedly agreed on a $2 fee for a short time sex session but later, Nyoni demanded his money back, saying he had not enjoyed the romp. The two had an argument which degenerated into a fist fight. Nyoni reportedly picked an empty beer bottle and struck the woman on the forehead as she tried to flee from the scene. Agnes sustained a deep cut on her forehead and bled profusely. She was rushed to Murambinda hospital before being transferred to Mutare Provincial hospital where she died.”

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