Know Your Vagina 3 foods that affect how you taste, smell down there


Hormone changes and yeast infections could be the cause of your vagina smelling funky, but these are not the only culprits. Three major foods affect how things smell and taste down there.

Yes to Yoghurt:

Probiotic yoghurt is brilliant for replenishing your good bacteria and keeping yeast infections and vaginosis at bay.

Probiotics are known as “friendly bacteria” and are a great way to fight problems like the candida fungus which is bad news for your vagina.

No to Garlic:

Women have always been advised to keep away from garlic before a date, due to the distasteful smell that emanates from you when you do. But is not the only reason to cut back. While in the long run garlic is super healthy and a great anti-oxidant, the strong odour can affect the smell of your crotch sweat.

If you ingest foods with very strong odors like asparagus or garlic or curry, it’s possible that that can translate to a smell in your vaginal area.

Yes to Pineapple

A lot of women have testified that eating pineapple makes them taste and smell sweeter down below. So you can always give this a try.

At the end of the day, all women should remember that every woman’s vagina is going to be slightly different. The taste is also going to be different depending on who’s tasting it and their taste buds.

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