In Ekiti Lawmakers demand apology from DSS

Members of the Ekiti House of Assembly are demanding for an un-reserved apology from the Department of State Services (DSS) for invading their chambers.

The chairman of the House Committee on Information, Gboyega Aribisogan, during a press conference said “Yesterday, we read online like other Nigerians that our member, representing Efon Constituency, Afolabi Akanni, who has been in the Department of State Services (DSS) detention in Abuja since March 4, was on admission at a private hospital in Abuja.

 “Nigerians should be reminded that it took the rumour of Hon Akanni’s death for the DSS to admit officially that it was holding him after spending 15 days in detention without access to anyone.”

The lawmakers said “As we speak, Hon Akanni is in very critical condition and he has not been able to speak with anyone of us.

“As reported in the media, Hon Akanni could only say that he was sick, he was not well when press men sought to speak with him yesterday.”

They also said “We therefore demand an official explanation from the DSS as to why Hon. Akanni was abducted and held incommunicado for 18 days, only for us to be told that he was admitted at a private hospital in Abuja.

“We also demand a thorough medical examination of Hon. Akanni as we fear that his health and general well-being could have been compromised while in the DSS custody.

“Furthermore, we demand an explanation from the DSS whether in a democracy, it is part of the its mandate to disobey court orders and dump Nigerians in detention for 18 days on unfounded allegations.”

The Department of State Services (DSS) recently released the detained Ekiti State House of Assembly member, Honourable Afolabi Akanni, and allegedly dumped him in a hospital.

Watch video of Honourable Afolabi Akanni in DSS custody below.

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