Founders chat with Pulse TV about their vision, event

The first edition of Africa Hype Market is coming up on the 6th of March, 2016 at Muri Okunola Park from 12-6pm. The project’s founders, Mahlet Yohannes and Millie Okpala stopped by Pulse TV to chat about their vision and what to expect at the event.

Africa Hype Market is a brand new Pop-Up Market that will bring the Local and Expat Communities in Nigeria together to experience a host of talented local SME businesses. They aim to build brand awareness, launch new products and test the consumer market. Their aim is to showcase original fashion, accessories, jewellery, shoes, beauty products, arts and crafts and so much more.

According to the founders, AHM started about two months ago in a sitting room discussion. The idea was to set up a pop up market that’s affordable and to show off products, especially something where the smaller brands would be able to showcase their products.

In talking about the major selling point of the project, they mentioned the diversity and said “if you can sell things on social media then you can sell it there.”

The founders also explained that the smaller brands would get the chance to get investments from bigger brands  by introducing their products.

In addition, they advised the government/established businesses to invest in textile industry so we can produce more, as well as provide better training to fashion designers.

Finally, when we asked about their five year goal, they responded; “we want to go across Africa…we’re looking at involving different sides.” They claim they want to aid networking and that they want to make it more like a festival, with something for everyone. They look forward to seeing brands such as Urban Fusion, Eve and Tribe.

For the rest of the interview, watch the video below. Hope to see you there!



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