Every female artiste’s success is mine too –Sasha

Iconic rap artiste, Sasha, has been in the game for over 15 years and even though much has not been heard from her, the young lady has been working behind the scene.

In a chat with Saturday Beats, the rap artiste clamoured for a healthier relationship among female artistes.

She said, “We really need to retire this question about whether I am threatened by other female artistes. I believe the media needs to encourage and foster healthy relationships specifically amongst women in the industry. Our individual talents are unique to us all and after 15 years in the Nigerian entertainment industry, every female artist’s success is my own too. We have come so far and I’m proud of all of us.”

Sasha P, as she is fondly referred to by fans, dissuaded claims that there are a handful of female rap artistes in the industry, adding that hip-hop is at the back burner presently because pop music is more commercially viable.

“I do not agree that there are still very few, I personally know of at least ten female artistes in the industry right now. I also do not agree that the industry is harsh for women in hip hop in particular. Hip hop in Nigeria has not been as mainstream as we are used to, pop music will always be more commercially viable and this might be responsible for the lapse. The entertainment industry is tough and not gender specific, the stakes are higher now and probably more expensive than when I started out but I believe that every challenge is a beautiful opportunity to shine. Personally, I have enjoyed a very rewarding career the Grace of God and believe that the possibilities are endless still,” she said.

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