Wife who cheated on her husband with a snake

A husband who claims his wife is cheating on him with their pet snake treating his wife with a divorce as he charged her to court.

The 42-years husband “Andrea Johnson” after uploading the pictures of his wife and the boa snake in the act of what he considered to be taking his place, the family of the wife were frustrated in the United States as they caught by surprise after which the pictures were uploaded.

The husband found the erotic pictures of his wife fooling around with the family pet on her cell phone and decided to share the pictures on social media to put his wife to shame and teach her a lesson.

The husband further said:

“What she has done with Bobo is despicable,”

boa snake2
Husband Andrea Johnson

He told reporters on the issue that

“I don’t even want to know if she took those pictures for our upcoming first wedding anniversary, but those pictures are plain sick and twisted,”

Andrea has recently filed a divorce

The wife in questioned further added that:

“I’m surprised he reacted in such a way. Sometimes we even sleep with the boa in our bed, I would’ve never thought he’d take it so badly,”

Concluding that she hope if her husband can find it in his heart to forgive her

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