Tiwa Savage – How i learnt how to handle criticism

Nigerian artist Tiwa Savage on speaking with Pulse Tv reveal how she learned to handle criticism.

When she came one limelight Tiwa Savage happen to catch the eyes of most of her fan by her hot sexy videos and customs. As she grew in the industry becoming well know people begun to ague if it was okay for her to flaunt her endowment.
Tiwa didn’t just stop in her early known videos, on dropping ‘Wanted’ video criticism rose to the peak as it became the talk of the town. In the exclusive interview Tiwa Savage admitted it was tough at first but right now she has learnt how to grow a thick skin.

tiwa savage wanted video

She said:

It used to be tough. I used to always want to explain to everybody like…then you get comments like that ‘she is unapproachable, she is not nice. I found myself doing extra with people in media, in radio, even just fans

She further advised that artists should go for media training to learn to handle criticism

tiwa at pulse interview

She also said :

I was burning out. I was exhausted, and you just cannot please everybody. And as soon as I got that into my head I was fine. I would just know that my conscience is clear...

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