Cristiano Ronaldo worh out on press

Name One Player Who’s Scored More Than Me? – Upset Cristiano Ronaldo Walks Out Of Press Conference

We’ve all rolled our eyes now and then at an interview question in football but, when you’re Cristiano Ronaldo, you probably ought to know what to expect by now.

Cristiano Ronaldo left journalists bewildered yesterday after he walked out of a press conference angry after being asked why his goal tally away from home had dried up recently.

The Portugal captain has failed to score away from home since putting one past Eibar in La Liga on November 29.

Asked why the goals on his travels had dried up, Ronaldo angrily challenged the journalist in question as to how much recent form meant in context of his wider achievements and doubled down on his disdain by making his exit even while his adversary attempted to follow up.

He growled: “Why have I struggled to score away from home? Can you name one player who has scored more away from home than me since I’ve been in Spain?

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