Meet Struggling Mum Who Earns 6,000 Pounds a Month Posting Raunchy Fetish Pictures Online (Photos+Video)

A mother with three kids has made it big at last using a very unfamiliar terrain. The mother who struggled to make ends meet has turned to fetish modelling so she can buy toys for her kids and take care of her family.
Meet Sabien Demonia, 27, a single-mum who was forced to work two jobs and relied on benefits to support her family but has now made a tremendous leap that she can now afford the luxuries of life because she makes about 6,000 pounds a month.
The woman started taking sexy snaps to escape boredom and gain confidence after childbirth but soon her selfies caught the attention of fetish photographers on Facebook who promptly engaged her.
Sabien said: “I was a single mother of two kids at the time – it wasn’t easy.
“I started with completely nothing and I would struggle to buy clothes for the kids.
“I started posting pictures to feel glamorous and not just a worn-down mum.
“Since I started modelling full time my life has completely changed for the better.
“I know fetish modelling is something that some people turn their noses up at but for me it’s been a lifeline.”
Last year Sabien boosted her bust from a DD to G cup after breastfeeding and the curvaceous size 12 model has become a favourite on the fetish scene.
Sabien now does many shoots in latex outfits
She also had a tummy tuck in 2010 to ensure she looks the part in her figure hugging latex outfits.
She said: “After having Damian I stayed at home for a year and then I had another child and I got really unsatisfied in terms of wanting to do something other than household things and caring for the kids.
“I wanted to do something for myself.
“I started posting pictures on social media and started getting noticed by photographers.
“I started to really enjoy it because not only was I posing for the pictures; I was doing my makeup and making my own outfits so it was a chance to be creative.
“My kids are really amazed and really proud; they’re my biggest fans, even bigger than Pete.
“They really like what I’m doing, especially the girls because it involves all the dressing up and girly stuff so they love it.”

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